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Go through the entire Perfect Contact Series to gain more consistency and get out of slumps in a hurry, after you get Unlimited Access with an All Access Membership.

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"Pro Setup"

"Speed Load"

"Pro Stride"

"Weight Shift"

"Pro Speed Bat Lag"

"Straight Arm Release"

"Pro Finish"

"Specialty Lesson Section"

"Power Drills"


"It's All in the Hips"


"Perfect Contact"


That's over 80 Lessons (and counting...) you won't find anywhere else.


Also, Certified Instructors will answer absolutely any questions you have as you work through the system!

"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the pro speed system and the video reviews so far.


My son has advanced more in these past several weeks, than he has over the last three years with his swing.


I am pretty much blown away with the results we are getting.


He has learned soooo much more with the videos compared to all of the individual lessons he has taken.


He is hitting better than he ever has during live team practice...line drive after line drive." 


Mike F. | All Access Member | April 21, 2016

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