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Get Access To Everything For Less Than The Price Of 1 Pair Of Batting Gloves!

A little about the All Access Membership:

"Pro Speed Baseball's explanations and instruction are the future of baseball. Just wish we couldv'e gotten started sooner!"



~Jeffery W | Feb 2016




Course 1: Pro Setup

Tired of Power Leaks?

Well, most power leaks start with an efficient stance.

Learn the proper way to set up at the plate to give yourself maxiumum opportunity for power and consistency with the Pro Setup. 

($47 value... Included!)

Course 2: Speed Load

Ever wonder why you have "on" and "off" days?

More than likely it's due to loading the hands improperly.

Loading the hands might be the most important part of the baseball swing. 

With the Speed Load, we put our hands in the best possible position to eliminate the "off" days and increase ball exit speed. 

Course 3: Pro Stride

One of the most overlooked parts of the baseball swing - the stride. 

The stride can make or break your day at the plate. 

With the Pro Stride we drill you so that you stay consistent with your front side so you can stay consistent at the plate!

($47 value... Included!)
($47 value... Included!)

Course 4: Bat Lag 

Do you want tons of bat speed and power?

If you answered NO, than Pro Speed Bat Lag is definitely not for you!

Learn how to build massive amounts of speed without having to compromise your swing. 

With Pro Speed Bat Lag, you can truly combine POWER and CONSISTENCY!

($47 value... Included!)

Course 5: Straight Arm Release

Ever heard, "Get more extension."? Or, "Stay through the ball."?

What does that mean?

Well, with the Straight Arm Release, we show you exactly (step-by-step) how to execute these moves...

... and show you how to create INSANE BAT SPEED.

($47 value... Included!)

Course 6: Pro Finish

One of the least practiced parts of the baseball swing - the Finish. 

It is extremely crucial to have a solid base when we hit, and making sure the base is correct is key!

With the Pro Finish, you will learn the exact positions you need to be in to maximize power, balance, and hip mobility. 

($47 value... Included!)

Specialty Lessons

Specialty Lesson cover all facets of the game, but don’t fit neatly into any Hitting System Courses

($97 value... Included!)

Defense: Infield

Defense: Infield

Proper Infield mechanics are simple...

...yet crucially important to being an efficeint defensive infielder.

Not only do proper mechanichs make you consistent... will stand out against your competition because your footwork, reception, and throwing motions will be ingrained in the right sequence.



Defense: Outfield

How much could there really be to know about Outfield?

They hit the ball, you catch it. Right?

Well yes, however, everything we do in the game can be accomplished in different ways, yet can we accomplish these things efficiently?

In this series we go over the intricacies of being a solid, efficient outfielder.



($47 value... Included!)

Defense: Catching

From Primary Stance to Specific footwork to each base, we've got you covered.

The catcher is the "backbone" of every team. 

Being a "Wall", calling pitches, and holding runners can make or break every game.

With the lessons and drills, learn what it takes to become a Complete Catcher in this series.



($97 value... Included!)

I do my best to cover as much as I can in each video and course, but I'm sure we'll miss some stuff.

So, we make it super easy to ask questions and get feedback from a Certified Pro Speed instructor.

Simply select the "Ask a Question" or "Contact" feature at the top of the page and Ask away!​

Not only will you get the exact help that you need, you'll be giving us ideas for new content!​


The Entire Pro Swing Hitting System

Step-by-step courses teaching you every aspect of the swing.






Ask anything you want, and a Pro Speed instructor will give you an answer

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