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Train yourself or student with Full Access to our entire PSB System including every single possible tool, lesson and drill you need to develop professional mechanics.

Why there's No Rotation in the Swing | Baseball Hitting

!ATTENTION: You're Not Done!

What others are saying...

"Crazy how much I've learned about the swing in just a couple months. Wish you were doing this when I was in high school and college.

-Tyler (All Access Member)"

"First week and I have to say I love that you don't offer a magic elixir just honest work for progress and my son wants to be élite. I honestly feel like I have already got my money's worth!

-Dale (All Access Member)"

"This process is simply amazing and even better than going once a week to a personal lesson. If this was an in person process I would most likely be sitting on the side and asking my son, "do you understand what he said?" But with your system, there are no doubts!

-Dennis (All Access Member)"

"Your videos have added 15mph of bat speed over a very short time. Before I came across your videos, I spent 3 months and 3,000 swings hovering around 55mph and maxing at 60 or so. Now I'm averaging 68-70 and touching +80.

-Kyle (All Access Member)"

"Thanks Michael Derr, Pro Speed Baseball is the clearest and best presented instruction on the internet! Your videos helped me win a spot on a AAA team full of 10-12 year olds. I'm 9! I used all of what I learned and had a super impressive tryout! Thank you!

-Diego (All Access Member)"

3 Easy Ways to Take Your Game to the Next Level:
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Absolutely free, full introduction of the Pro Speed Hitting System. The entire swing, broken down into every detail you need to know for professional mechanics. 

1 on 1 Online Training:

Add Rocket Fuel to your training and develop your swing the fastest and most effective way possible with private access to a PSB Instructor!

Included in Membership:

Full Swing System


  • Pro Setup | The Foundation of the Swing

  • Speed Load | Load Into the Optimal Place for Speed and Consistency

  • Pro Stride | Optimize The Lower Body

  • Weight Shift | Get the Force of Your Body Synced with the Speed of Your Swing

  • Pro Speed Bat Lag | The #1 Key All Great Hitters Have

  • Straight Arm Release | Generate Maximum Bat Speed Paired with Ridiculous Consistency

  • Pro Finish | Know Exactly where you're Going

Specialty Lessons


  • The Secret Move | The ONLY Thing You Need to Be a Great Hitter

  • It's All In The Hips | Complete Guide to The Swing Stabilizers

  • Timing | Hitting Is Timing

  • Power Drills | Performance Drills Every Hitter Should Have In Their Arsenal

  • Training | Organize Practice Sessions and Put Your Mechanics to the Test

  • Perfect Contact | Instantly Calibrate Your Swing for Every Game

  • Speed Release | Detailed Lessons on the Most Important Part of the Swing

  • Faults and Fixes | If You Have an Issue, We Have A Solution!

  • Situational Hitting | Manipulate Your Mechanics To Execute Team Strategy

  • Attack Plans: Hitting Approach | Find Your Ideal Approach for Maximum Success

Swing Analysis Vault

  • Pro Swing Analysis | Learn What the Best Hitters Do Well... and Not So Well

  • Student Before and Afters | Common Fixes to Real Live Students that You Can Learn From!

Infield System

  • Infield | Bulletproof Infield Mechanics Broken Down Step-By-Step


Oh, yeah, one more thing... you'll have access to all of our Pro Speed Certified Instructors to answer your most pressing questions!

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"This is for all the fathers and mothers wanting to help sons and daughters improve at hitting. You all clearly

have a desire and passion for finding a philosophy that will give them the best chance of success. I am here as

a warning for you all to be very careful in what you and your kids read, see, and hear regarding what it takes to
consistently and forcefully hit a ball. As with any sport, "new" approaches are always enticing, especially when

they seem to have taken social media by storm. My son went from the top of his game as a D1 player to almost
walking away from the sport out of frustration that came about as a result of misleading advice. Some changes
came from well meaning coaches, others from being enticed by the latest internet chatter. Thankfully, after
almost a year of struggles, he came upon Michael and the Pro Speed Baseball approach. Within a week of
watching and learning through the videos, he started seeing the return of his contact enough to realize he was
finally going to get back to his full potential. Michael takes the swing mechanics of the most successful
professional players, past and present, and breaks them down into clear easy to follow instructions. Because it
takes twice as long to rebuild a bridge that has been burnt, I would encourage you to make the decision to have
Pro Speed Baseball evaluate and guide you before you try anything else."

Rob T. | All Access Member

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