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The Secret Move | #1 Difference Between Good

and Poor Hitters

!ATTENTION: You're Not Done!

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changing instructional series...

Would you believe that the video you just watched is the most popular video I've ever produced.... by far?

And here's the thing...

It has -- by far-- the least amount of actual instruction compared to the rest of the videos in the Secret Move instructional Course.

That means the rest of the videos are even better!

But to get them all..

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Secret Move - Lesson 2:

Pivot Point [PREVIEW]

How to Feel the Bat Shallow for

Pure Contact [PREVIEW]

How and When to Fire for Maximum


Don't get left behind!


The Secret Move is the key to becoming a great hitter...

...but you may be wondering, "Would this work for me?"

"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the pro speed system and the video reviews so far.


My son has advanced more in these past several weeks, than he has over the last three years with his swing.


I am pretty much blown away with the results we are getting.


He has learned soooo much more with the videos compared to all of the individual lessons he has taken.


He is hitting better than he ever has during live team practice...line drive after line drive." 


Mike F. | All Access Member | April 21, 2016

When you're ready to take your game to the next level just like this student...

You need to sign up for the only place you'll find this one-of-a-kind instruction: my All Access Membership.

Plus, you'll get get 21+ courses in total... all at a highly discounted price (while it lasts)!

Full Swing System


  • Pro Setup | The Foundation of the Swing

  • Speed Load | Load Into the Optimal Place for Speed and Consistency

  • Pro Stride | Optimize The Lower Body

  • Weight Shift | Get the Force of Your Body Synced with the Speed of Your Swing

  • Pro Speed Bat Lag | The #1 Key All Great Hitters Have

  • Straight Arm Release | Generate Maximum Bat Speed Paired with Ridiculous Consistency

  • Pro Finish | Know Exactly where you're Going

Specialty Lessons


  • The Secret Move | The ONLY Thing You Need to Be a Great Hitter

  • It's All In The Hips | Complete Guide to The Swing Stabilizers

  • Timing | Hitting Is Timing

  • Power Drills | Performance Drills Every Hitter Should Have In Their Arsenal

  • Training | Organize Practice Sessions and Put Your Mechanics to the Test

  • Perfect Contact | Instantly Calibrate Your Swing for Every Game

  • Speed Release | Detailed Lessons on the Most Important Part of the Swing

  • Faults and Fixes | If You Have an Issue, We Have A Solution!

  • Situational Hitting | Manipulate Your Mechanics To Execute Team Strategy

  • Attack Plans: Hitting Approach | Find Your Ideal Approach for Maximum Success

Swing Analysis Vault

  • Pro Swing Analysis | Learn What the Best Hitters Do Well... and Not So Well

  • Student Before and Afters | Common Fixes to Real Live Students that You Can Learn From!

Infield System

  • Infield | Bulletproof Infield Mechanics Broken Down Step-By-Step


Oh, yeah, one more thing... you'll have access to all of our Pro Speed Certified Instructors to answer your most pressing questions!

Click the green button belwo to get started...

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