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My Pro Swing System will free up your mind by focusing you on the only 5 fundamentals of that every single great swing in history has in common. 

Spend all of your limited practice time working on the 5 fundamentals that provide 95% of your results. Stop wasting time and worrying about the details that don't matter.

How do you know the 5 Pro Swing fundamentals are the most important? 

I'll show you how all the top pros - from x to x to x - perform all of the Pro Swing fundamentals... but they do everything else differently from each other. 

If you want to play great Baseball, it's clear you MUST do the 5 fundamentals like all the best players. Let the other guys on the team worry about the minor details :)

While your buddies continue to struggle, you'll e steadily improving, just like all our other All Access Members...

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better swing!

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5 Step-By-Step

Swing Courses

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The Brand New

20 Minute Fix

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3 New Hitting Courses

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10 Bonus Courses to Cure...

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Build Your Swing For Optimal Consistency and Maximal Distance with the Entire Pro Swing System

Speed Load

Ever wonder why you have "on" and "off" days?

More than likely it's due to loading the hands improperly.

Loading the hands might be the most important part of the baseball swing. 

With the Speed Load, we put our hands in the best possible position to eliminate the "off" days and increase ball exit speed. 

Pro Setup

Tired of Power Leaks?

Well, most power leaks start with an efficient stance.

Learn the proper way to set up at the plate to give yourself maxiumum opportunity for power and consistency with the Pro Setup. 

Pro Stride

One of the most overlooked parts of the baseball swing - the stride. 

The stride can make or break your day at the plate. 

With the Pro Stride we drill you so that you stay consistent with your front side so you can stay consistent at the plate!

Do you want tons of bat speed and power?

If you answered NO, than Pro Speed Bat Lag is definitely not for you!

Learn how to build massive amounts of speed without having to compromise your swing. 

With Pro Speed Bat Lag, you can truly combine POWER and CONSISTENCY!

Bat Lag

Straight Arm Release

Ever heard, "Get more extension."? Or, "Stay through the ball."?

What does that mean?

Well, with the Straight Arm Release, we show you exactly (step-by-step) how to execute these moves...

... and show you how to create INSANE BAT SPEED.

Pro Finish

One of the least practiced parts of the baseball swing - the Finish. 

It is extremely crucial to have a solid base when we hit, and making sure the base is correct is key!

With the Pro Finish, you will learn the exact positions you need to be in to maximize power, balance, and hip mobility. 

Never. Stop. Learning. Weekly Content in the Vault. 

Once you complete the Pro Swing System, dive deeper into any area of your game with the Specialty Section. You'll enjoy new content weekly in these categories. 

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