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Personalized Swing Instruction with our ONLINE Baseball Training Memberships! Guaranteed Results.

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10,000+ Hours of baseball mechanics research and testing uncovered...

...all put into a step-by-step instructional platform that anyone can learn!

Increase Your Value as an Athlete

"As a father struggling to help his 9 year old in his first year of ball, your videos are absolutely the best on the net. My son has gone from the #12 hitter in the lineup to #7. He's on a loaded team that is undefeated. His self-confidence has gone from wanting to quit to sky high from using your videos. A big heart felt thank you from a father!!!!"                         

- Michael M

Respected and Certified Instructors

"Even though I've taught and coached baseball for over 25 years, I've never had a tremendous rebuttal for when people say that taking your hands directly to the ball creates too much of a downward swing plane. I appreciate your comments on this. Love the vidoes! Keep 'em coming!"                      

-Jeffery L

Learn Professional Mechanics 

"I play in the Minnesota Twins organization and I honestly feel that I've learned more here than I have in season! You clarify everything that my Hitting Coaches couldn't and I've only been watching your videos for two days! I'm showing my teammates your videos and they love it. Thank you!       

- Roberto Gonzalez Minnesota Twins


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